Case Reports & Student Testimonials

Case reports published or under publication:

  1. Chromosomal translocation causing abortion
  2. Homeopathy in aid of Cancer patients ( Jan 2020 issue)
  3. Experiences in COVID-19 – the essence ( May 2021 issue)
  4. Stopping long haul COVID-19 in its’ tracks and regaining health back using homeopathy ( Jan 2022 issue)

Students/Seminar participants comments:

Nataliia Oudatchunk, Classical Homeopath Practitioner, Ottawa:

Arup’s 19 years of experience of practicing homeopathy combined with his medical, psychological and scientific knowledge make his seminars unique. I don’t remember ever asking a question and not having the answer from Arup. I have been attending Arup’s seminars for 5 years, but at each new seminar I gain new knowledge both practical and theoretical. The seminars are very intensive and informative and I always try to catch every word. The moment your attention gets distracted even for a minute, you miss some valuable information. At each seminar we discuss a new medical problem, both from the point of view of allopathic medicine and homeopathy, study the Materia Medica, do live cases relevant to the topic discussed, and present our cases, do follow-ups. We get a lot of support from Arup, both psychological and practical. The knowledge I gain at Arup’s seminars helps me in my work as a homeopathic practitioner.

Diane Mills, Homeopath Practitioner, Petawawa:

Arup Bhattacharya brings to light the essence of homeopathic remedies through his extensive knowledge of Materia Medica and years of clinical experience.  I have studied homeopathy with Arup for several years, and still, with each seminar, Arup introduces new remedies, new cases and I gain a greater insight into the nature of individuals and the remedies that may benefit them.  I look forward to next year’s seminar series.

Diane Oliver, Orleans, ON

Classes with Arup explode the fact that homeopathy is a multi-faceted art of healing.  Arup is able to bring his Eastern philosophy, psychological training and impressive understanding of homeopathy itself and deliver it in a pragmatic & dynamic way while also imparting the qualities needed in the practionner to become more successful in practice.  These classes are worth the time and it is money very well spent.

Gilda Rovan, Nutritionist and Homeopath Practitioner, Richmond Hill:

‘Each of Arup’s weekends focus on a specific disease or condition giving us information about that condition as well as related remedies.   His weekends are filled with great information, materia medica, live and paper cases and offer a place to get help and advice on anything related to Homeopathy.  The Toronto group consists of a wonderful, friendly and sharing group with an experienced and talented teacher who encourages us to practice, with confidence, all that we have learned’.

Clarissa Stephenson, Homeopath Practitioner, Etobicoke:

‘Arup, I feel very blessed to have joined your study group. I have been looking for something like this since graduation from Homeopathic College, and the high calibre of students is a huge plus. The amount of material covered is mind-boggling, for just two days on the weekend. When I review my enormous volume of notes, I find that each session could be a whole book on its own! Arup is so wise and knowledgeable on so many topics: spirituality, psychology, clinic management, the world of homeopathy, medical sciences, and human relations, that I look forward to each session with enthusiasm and anticipation. A generous teacher who is happy to share his vast font of knowledge, Arup is a unique gem in this field, provides help freely to his students, and his suggestions for patient care have provided me with many viable solutions in my practice’.

Giacomo Scasserra, Homeopath Practitioner, Barrie:

‘When I first visited your training seminar I believed that it would serve as a valuable and resourceful venue to continue my homeopathic studies, I did not imagine the bigger impact it would have in my practice. Participating in your seminars has been very rewarding and enriching. The wealth of homeopathic knowledge and application you posses is an asset, anyone wishing to develop with classical homeopathy would truly benefit from it. I did and with the encouragement from your seminars I have been more confident in using LM potencies and remedies that I did not understand so well. Your mastery of case taking, analysis and repertorising is inspiring and I have been able to use much of your instructions to improve the results with my own clients. Some of the blind remedies have proved very use as well. I also appreciate your attitude towards all the participants, the atmosphere is very professional, stimulating but also fun to learn in. I would highly and strongly recommend your seminars to anyone wishing to learn and develop their homeopathic skills.
Thank you for your commitment to classical homeopathic education, your willingness to share and give of your knowledge and experiences.’

Cheryl Maika, Homeopath and Nursing student, Toronto:

‘Arup brings insight and clarity into even the most complex cases and teaches his students how to do the same. The seminars are always geared towards learning as Arup keeps the content and group discussions stimulating and thought provoking. Arup shares his wisdom (and secrets!) openly with his students. He not only teaches useful tactics, but he also teaches the sound rationale behind them so that we can use them safely in our own practice.  The seminars have been an invaluable learning experience for me and I look forward to the 2008 series.’

Marg Gollinger, Homeopath Practitioner, Alma:

I would be lost without our monthly Homeopathy seminars.  All my studies were done by correspondence, so I hadn’t experienced any group discussions.  I find it invaluable to see how an interview is handled by an expert.  It’s especially helpful to see how to show detached caring during the interview.  I also find the repertorizations we do on cases very helpful.  Learning to choose appropriate rubrics free of any interpretation has made a huge difference in my ability to zero in on the correct remedy more quickly.  Our discussion of short cuts for acute ailments has increased my confidence when running seminars and workshops. Since I started attending the workshops, I’ve learned to make my own LM potencies and I’m more confident administering them as well.  These workshops are the most worthwhile investment I make for my homeopathic practice.

Helen Hardinge Field, Homeopathic Practitioner, Kitchener:

To be in the  same room with other homeopathic practitioners to discuss and follow complex cases who are from our caseloads is wonderful.  We bring many points of view and sub specialties to the table.   It is an enriching networking and learning experience facilitated by Arup who is a an exceptionally experienced homeopath, teacher and researcher’.

Tracy Poizner, Homeopathic Practitioner, Kitchener:

‘I have been following Arup’s seminars for over 5 years and I continue to find them immensely useful in my practice. I particularly appreciate being able to bring in my difficult cases for review and observing Arup’s techniques of live case-taking. He has extensive clinical experience in homeopathy along with considerable expertise in other fields which inform his warm, common-sense approach to healing. Highly recommended’.