Who can benefit?

In North America, most individuals come to homeopaths when conventional approaches have given limited to no benefits such as in chronic ailments or an acute ailments that settles into a long term illness. Classical homeopathy, properly practiced, can restore health in a gentle, effective way even in very chronic cases.

Of course, a minimum period of three months commitment is advisable in order to determine if the work done together using homeopathy will benefit the individuals with some possible improvements. In chronic cases, one can get amelioration i.e. a decreased frequency of discomfort and a lesser dependence on medication in the first few weeks. It takes a long time often to fall into a deep state of chronic illness and hence at times one has to be ready to give homeopathy some amount of time to see if it is congruent with one’s health. Such conditions can range from the mental spectrum of depression to drug dependence to physical issues such as arthritis, asthma, migraines, IBS, Crohns, skin problems (eczema, dermatitis), sinusitis, sleep disorders, allergies, digestive problems (SIBO, Heartburn, ulcers etc), neurological disorders to autoimmune conditions and cancer – just to name a few that can be addressed successfully by homeopathy either in conjunction with conventional approach to give a better outcome and quality of life or by itself to revers the original cause for the imbalance.

In acute infection, homeopathy can do as well if not better than conventionally medicines with no adverse side effects. Long term use of antibiotics are also frowned upon today conventionally due to resistant strain and general deterioration of the human microbiome. Homeopathy acts as nano-medicine and addresses the core imbalance in the body that leads to various recurrent diseases and works on the psycho-neuro-immuno-endocrinological set-up of the individual being in bringing about a re-balance.

In summary, any individual who has been afflicted by any ailments – acutes or chronic, auto-immune or psychosomatic – homeopathy has a lot to promise and deliver in term of a safe and practical way to gain back one’s health and happiness.