Second Year Syllabus

Download the Second Year Syllabus

Detailed live case taking, analysis and case management is learnt during the span of 12
months encompassing ~60 clock hours of in-class learning and ~60 hours of home learning. The modules are:

Module I: Homeopathic Methodology

  • Nuances of the Classical method
  • Layers method
  • Human being in health and disease
  • Miasms and how it affect the energy interactions
  • Remedy reaction (Text book – Science of Homoepathy by G Vithoulkas)
  • Newer Repertory analysis and factors that predominates in remedy selection

Module II: Materia Medica

  • Essences of major and minor remedies – continued
  • Remedy differentiation
  • Therapeutic materia medica

Module III: Practical clinical Skills and Case management

  • Clinical skills
  • Client interaction and key case taking communication skills
  • Case analysis
  • Case taking techniques
  • HIPAA and Code of Ethics

Module IV: Homeopathy – Disease approach

  • Injuries and Trauma
  • Vaccinosis
  • Female Menstrual issues
  • Diseases of the CNS

Module V: Practical Study (Hands on Case taking and management)

Besides the above, studies on Organon will be continued for an in-depth understanding of
the homeopathic principles as laid down by Dr Hahnemann.

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