Third Year Syllabus

Download the Third Year Syllabus

Students at this stage are encouraged and grand fathered to take live cases and do
follow-ups.  A total of ~60 in-class clock hours and ~60 hours of home learning over a period of 12 months is carried out and the details of the different aspects covered are as under:

Module I: Homeopathy in Practice (50% of in-class time is dedicated to this)

  • Nuances on case taking, analysis and case management
  • Using Synthesis Repertory – Computer softwares for Homeopathy
  • Miasmatic remedies as intercurrent
  • Making homeopathy work despite conventional medications
  • Art and business of homeopathy
  • Using RADAR

Module II: Materia Medica

  • Essences of major and minor remedies – continued
  • Remedy differentiation
  • Therapeutic materia medica

Module III: Practical clinical Skills and Case management

  • How to manage aggravations
  • Strategies for handling acutes
  • Remedies with D.D. for various acutes

Module IV: Homeopathy – Disease approach

  • Diseases of the Endocrine Glands
  • Homeopathy in Cancer
  • Homeopathy in Children’s diseases
  • Homeopathy in Geriatrics

Module V: Using Gemmotherapy in practice

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