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Weekend Seminars

The weekend classical homeopathy seminar is offered at two different locations in Ontario – Kitchener and Ottawa and two locations in USA – Buffalo, NY and Clearwater, FL. Each weekend is 14-16 hrs long with live cases and follow-ups. Participants can bring in difficult cases from their practice or bring in paper cases. Besides elaborating the underlying classical homeopathy philosophy, the weekend seminars focuses on a theme as listed below. Each weekend theme is covered in details as under:

  • Essence of case taking and repertorization
  • Detailed knowledge in the pathology and the unique features that are important from classical homeopathy view point
  • Essence of remedies required most often for such illness
  • Matching the essence of the case with live cases
  • Case management
  • Modulating C and LM potency for an optimal result
  • Ongoing seminar series is available at four locations:
    • Buffalo, NY
    • Clearwater, FL (Tampa Bay Area)
    • Kitchener (Sunnyside Home, 247 Franklin St. N, Kitchener, ON N2A 1Y5)
    • Ottawa (International Academy of Natural Health Science, 380 Forest Street, Ottawa. ON K2B 8E6)

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