Homeopathy Courses

Introductory Courses

In Winter/Spring of each year following two small modules are offered in Buffalo at the Himalayan Institute, in Hamburg at Be Healthy Institute:

I. Homeopathy Introduction – Basic Principles And Concepts

Understand the basics concepts, principles and evolution of homeopathy and how it differs from conventional medicine. The need for homeopathy in personal well-being is discussed in great details along with the challenges of homeopathy. 2021 dates: Himalayan Institute, Buffalo – 5:30 -8:30 p.m. on Tuesday – Sept. 14th, 2021 – Register here

II. Household Homeopathy – Homeopathy For Acute Conditions

The secrets of homeopathic prescribing for various acute conditions such as cough and colds, diarrhea, flu, aches and pains, injuries, allergies, skin rash and other conditions are dealt with in this module which is also a prelude to the year-long in-depth course in homeopathy offered in fall of each year. Year-long students are encouraged to take this course and get a discount as do individuals who have completed Module I above. ~18-24 hours of in-class training on the art and science of acute prescribing of homeopathic remedies including the principles of dosage, potency and repetition. Learn the commonly used remedies in detail for its’ multifaceted use in different acute conditions.

Individuals should enrol directly with the individual centers for the above 2 modules. Seniors and current students get a discounted rate of $179

2021 new year long course information

Year-Long Courses

Dates: Fridays starting Sept 17th at BeHealthy Institute in Hamburg or Tuesdays starting Sept 21st at Himalayan Institute in Buffalo. Timings 5.30-8.30 p.m. Application form can be mailed to ARUP_2000@yahoo.com or 156 Ramsdell avenue, Buffalo, NY 14216. All classes can be done in-person or online live through zoom or skype provided prior confirmation is obtained from the student.

Homeopathy long term course is open for any individual who is committed and interested in learning the art and science of homeopathy that involves an understanding of the human microcosm, certain basic rules and laws of health, understanding what is dis-ease and how the cardinal principles of homeopathy is applied to bring about a healing. Detailed and hands on in-class approach is involved starting from first year itself and continues till the end of study I year 3. Each year students are given a completion certificate when they attend at least 80% of the in-class hours. Tests, take home assignments are graded towards a Diploma at the end of the three years. Additional training and education in human anatomy, physiology and pathology is highly recommended and individuals meeting these requirements are awarded the practitioner’s diploma. Continues support is thereafter available in terms of regular seminars where live and paper cases are a regular feature and participants can bring in there difficult cases and learn the nuances of a successful case taking and management – the very foundation and any success in homeopathy.  The detailed syllabus for each of the years can be accessed here:

For fees and other enquiries, please contact us directly.